Australian Geothermal Association

Association Overview

AGA is Australia’s forum for geothermal energy information, discussion, networking, support and advocacy. AGA is a professional society whose members work in industry, academia and government representing the full range of geothermal applications from ground source heat pumps to direct industrial heat supply, recreational bathing and wellness, and electrical power generation.

The objectives of AGA are:

  • to provide a discussion and information sharing forum for persons involved or interested in geothermal energy;
  • to hold, make available and provide information about all forms of geothermal energy, its benefits, risks, usage and potential;
  • to maintain the Australian geothermal energy sector’s links with the Australian clean energy sector and international geothermal energy sector and with other organisations representing each of those sectors, including the Clean Energy Council and ARENA and by affiliating with the International Geothermal Association;
  • to conduct or manage support services for the Australian geothermal sector including education and training; and
  • generally to carry on, do or assist in all or any matters which the Association may deem fit for promoting or encouraging the development of, and science and technology relating to, geothermal energy.

Country of operation:
Adrian Larking
Grant Bolton
Ludovic Ricard
Public Officer:
Betina Bendall
Martin Pujol
Graeme Beardsmore
Number of members:

Vision and aspirations

AGA was born to promote and encourage the science, technology and development of geothermal energy in Australia. It is not-for-profit, non-party political and non-sectarian. Specific aspirations for AGA include:

  • be custodian for legacy material from AGEG and AGEA;
  • carry out a census of geothermal installations in Australia;
  • gather and provide into the public domain relevant local information on the levelised cost of geothermal energy under different use scenarios;
  • inform the Australian public about existing and potential uses of geothermal via AGA’s website and regular communications;
  • providing relevant information about geothermal research, developments, industry and standards to professionals and the public in Australia;
  • publicise the achievements of the Australian geothermal sector on the world stage;
  • continue to build AGA’s membership;
  • connect and collaborate with other relevant professional organisations in Australia.

Achievements and highlights

AGA has:

  • secured support for an association from a diverse group of participants to further the geothermal sector in Australia by attracting over 70 individual fee-paying members compared to 100 non-fee-paying institutional members of the precursor AGEG and 12 fee-paying precursor AGEA members;
  • set up two special interest groups to prepare (i) a position paper on electricity generation and (ii) the cost of energy for non-electricity applications for geothermal energy in Australia;
  • commenced a census of Australian geothermal installations;
  • assumed custody of legacy AGEG and AGEA material;
  • affiliated with IGA;
  • reached out to the local chapter of the International Association of Hydrogeologists for closer cooperation.